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Record Power – BS9 Hobby Bandsaw 300W 240V

£223.20 Inc VAT

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The Record Power BS9 Hobby Bandsaw is ideal for the compact workshop and for those who require a robust, reliable and powerful machine for smaller scale work. It gives exceptional performance and capacities for a bandsaw of its size and is designed for consistently effective cutting and longevity.

The band wheels are dynamically balanced and are heavily built for a machine of this size, providing impressive torque and power. The table tilts up to 45º on a solid trunnion which features an easy to read scale. With rack and pinion blade guide adjustment for accurate positioning of the blade guides with excellent support.

Instantly release or re-engage tension using the lever on the rear of the BS9. This makes changing blades much quicker and easier, with the additional benefit of allowing the previous blade tension to be instantly re-applied. The blade tension system is designed to easily cope with all compatible blades.

The cam action release mechanism locks the fence in position quickly and features tension adjustment to achieve the perfect clamping strength.