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Shurtape – T-REX® Waterproof Tape 100mm x 1.5m

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Shurtape T-REX® Waterproof Tape provides tough, waterproof adhesion under wet and dry conditions. Built with R-Flex Technology™, it can stretch up to 700% of its original length. It’s strong enough to be used for general purpose indoor or outdoor fixes that require a waterproof seal, like repairing a rip in an above-ground pool or temporarily stopping a leak in a water pipe. Or, apply it underwater and push it into cracks and rough, dirty surfaces.

Formulated to withstand extreme temperatures from -56°C to 93°C, its UV-resistant formulation won’t break down under harsh sunlight. T-REX® Waterproof Tape is flexible, ferociously strong and waterproof like no other.

1 x Shurtape T-REX® Waterproof Tape 100mm x 1.5m